Concentrated Liquidity Manager on Uniswap V3

Lixir automates and optimizes concentrated liquidity management

Currently liquidity automatically managed.



Higher Yields

Lixir ensures optimized yields by continuously concentrating liquidity around the current price while minimizing impermanent loss.

Lower Gas Costs

Lixir pools together liquidity in order to maximize gas efficiency: users only pay gas fees for deposits & withdrawals, not management.

Additional $LIX Rewards

Lixir's liquidity providers earn additional $LIX farming rewards on top of their LP fees and can even boost these rewards by staking $LIX!

Key metrics

Our goal is to establish and maintain the safest, most user-friendly and profitable platform for concentrated liquidity management across all DEXs and chains.

Managed liquidity
Total fees earned
Supported pairs
Staking rewards distributed

How it works


Capital Efficiency Maximized at All times

A significant portion of Uniswap V3's liquidity is inactive most of the time and hence not productive, causing yields to suffer.

Lixir ensures that your liquidity stays highly concentrated through a data-backed, algorithmic strategy that will improve over time.

Leave your screen, leave it to Lixir.

Audited and verified

Protocol security
Haechi audit

Haechi audit

Certik audit

Certik audit

Bug bounty

Bug bounty


About us

We are an anonymous team with a fair amount of previous DeFi work experience at a number of established protocols.

In order to establish a balanced community and fair distribution, we held a private & public sale with equal terms for all participants.

We believe that our liquidity management will allow anybody to access high, sustainable yields typically reserved for the wealthy.

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